Budde Music France secured a worldwide administration deal (excluding France) with Sophiane Productions.

SOPHIANE PRODUCTION releases albums since 1998 and has developed publishing & synchronisation activity since 2002, as well as tour management. The team defends a wide range of artistic styles, from chanson, folk & country, pop rock to reggae, soul & world music.

Danone, Volkswagen or Peugeot entrusted them with synchronization for their advertisement campaign worldwide,  with Cocoon’s sweet folk, or with Elderberries’ wild rock. Sophiane Production also dealt with Michelin brand’s jingle worldwide, realized by sound engineer Denis Clavaizolle (Bashung, Cocoon, Murat, Zaz…).

They have also placed and created works for movies as Hellphone (2007), L’Amour, c’est mieux à deux (2009) or l’Arnacoeur in 2010.

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Budde Music France announces New Collaboration !
25. novembre 2014

Budde Music France secured a worldwide administration deal (excluding France) with Sophiane Productions !

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We are very pleased to announce our new collaboration with Space Party / LM Music !!
24. septembre 2014

In 2006, Cocto, former radio DJ (NRJ) & founder of Music Media Consulting (media strategy agency), created SPACE PARTY to combine publishing and label activities.

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Budde Music signs THYLACINE !
22. mai 2014

William Rezé, aka THYLACINE, 20 years old composer, saxophonist, versatile artist (Beaux-Arts student, graphic designer, illustrator…) appears as a pioneer of the new French electro scene.

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Budde Music France signs with David Shaw!
5. décembre 2013

Proud to welcome David Shaw.

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Budde Music France is very proud to present the album “home” by OK SWEETHEART
5. juillet 2012

OK SWEETHEART is an indie folk group founded in 2008

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