Independent publishing since 1947.

A Legacy for the Future

We are a next-generation, truly independent and international music publishing company with deep roots in the industry. We empower talents by creating passionate teams of experts and developing innovative services fuelled through state-of-the art technology.

Our international team working with a global and eclectic range of songwriters and artists knows how to both transform songs into Classics and to always keep the legacy relevant.

Bringing Talent Together

At Budde Music, we believe that the magic happens when people come together. We encourage synergies by organizing songwriting sessions internationally and providing our writers the space for endless creativity in our Berlin writing studio.

Achieving Goals Together

Partners in Success

Team is everything: we start together, we win together. Once we recognise talent we'll create a strong foundation on which to build our writer's career. If you have a great song we will surely have the right idea who could cover it - here or anywhere.

We encourage our writers to make use of our international network of music publishers to explore other markets and enhance their skills.

We Synch Entertainment

We work closely with international agencies and production companies and know exactly what the client needs. We are not just pitching your music but create opportunities in both directions.

Here's some of what we synch

We rethink music publishing on a global scale

A strong administration is essential in a diversified market where streaming, social media usage and live performances build a major part of your income.

It needs a thorough team that tracks and traces every single cent of your royalties.

Our independent partners around the world provide expertise and a direct line to local collecting societies.

You write the song, we'll cover the rest

Control the complex world of royalties

We strongly believe that transparent data is the basis of a trusting relationship with our partners. That is why, as an exclusive service to our songwriters and publishing partners, our own client portal and app provide royalty statements, sales figures and other data insights.

We are continuously developing our digital products, making sure to future-proof our publishing services.

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