Chloë Lewer

Chloë Lewer, a multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself as a singer, music producer, composer, top-liner, and live performer. Originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Chloë has been based in Berlin since 2011.

Under the artistic alias B O K E H, Chloë creates electronic indie pop songs that are both gentle and dreamy, yet bold and powerful, always carrying a touch of melancholy. Her poetic lyrics are beautifully complemented by analog synths, resulting in a modern, cinematic, electro-indie pop sound with a nostalgic 80s/90s twist. Her latest album, 'room 42,' released in 2023, showcases her exceptional talent as she wrote, performed, engineered, and produced the entire record herself.

Beyond her solo work as B O K E H, Chloë is also a sought-after songwriter and producer for other artists. She regularly attends songwriting sessions and music camps, collaborating with a diverse range of talents. With an impressive 35 million streams on Spotify alone, her releases have captivated audiences worldwide. Notable recent collaborations include BLVSH, Bonaparte, Lex Leosis, Lie Ning, Fishbach, Rivo, Woody, L’auparie, and Celine Cairo.

Chloë is also a skilled composer, producer, and performer for commercial, TV, and film productions. Her music has been featured in various projects across Australasia, Europe, Asia, and the USA, showcasing her versatility and ability to create captivating soundscapes.

In addition to her musical endeavours, Chloë is also a talented audiovisual video-maker and actress, taking charge of all her visual content as well as creating visuals for other artists. With her distinctive sound and remarkable portfolio of interdisciplinary work, she consistently mesmerises audiences across the globe.

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