Sinnbus is a Berlin based label and publisher, booking agency and music publicist focusing on fine electronica, post rock, indie and noise. We had the hounour and fun to put out music for the likes of Bodi Bill, Hundreds, Me And My Drummer, The/Das, Odd Beholder and so many more.

Sinnbus started in the early 2000s as a collective of bands, friends, and artists, all in all creating stuff together, setting up extraordinary events, doing what seemed to be meaningful; basically living the DIY dream. Around 2003 they officially started working as a label. Since then Sinnbus has developed from representing a local niche to an internationally working unit with artists from all around the globe.

Sinnbus went through every up and down possible, kept moving and allowed ourselves the luxury of constant change. Over the time they have become home to a lot of great and tasteful bands and solo artists - from overflowing postrock to brittle indie pop, wild noise to cool, distant electronica.